i wish

i feel rushed. just to say a little. there is no time whatsoever to post everything. i will quickly cut to the chase. i have been making art and haven't quite fallen off the face of the earth, not yet at least. in order of things, the weather today has been chilly and incredibly bright. so bright that squinting doesn't even seem to help. the days are growing longer, and there is a lunar eclipse tonight, anyone else heard? i should be taking a walk, i honestly have the urge to trek down main just to take photos of my neighborhood growing and changing.

i have been making art. i am still waiting on the book to be published in march. i will only have two pieces published, not exactly sure which ones yet. i am working on clothesline and have gotten most of the invites out to artists. i have managed to make two new pieces, completed. both taking on "contact". i really would like to step it up a bit, although i think the sticky wood grain paper is working. i love covering my canvas with tissue paper and then with my cut trees. the surface is smooth and the texture so thick feeling under my paintbrush, it's a rush. a silly rush, absolutely the most comforting thing in the world, other than tuna melts on flaxseed waffles. yum! i'm interested in what people will say about my new trees and pretty much know that i'm going to have to continue working hard, a challenge i am up to. i have a total of three pieces to finish by the first weekend in march and then i will be writing a proposal. for yes, a grant being offered up by createhere. i have an idea, a project idea that will include the forest of trees i have been "planting" or painting, depending on your opinion. nothing too political or environmental. a simple respect for shade, the love of wood and the living feeling that trees give.

by may i have got to magically produce between ten to twenty five pieces for clothesline. which is an absolute thrill. in addition to the art of making, i have been working on the art of relating, and last week really fell out of it. maybe it was the valentines day effort being made around the world that made me feel lessly. regardless i am back today, trying not to take a nap after work. walking again and lifting weights. one hundred and thirty five pounds sounds delightful. i happened to get to target to buy new knee socks and yes, a pair of leggings, aquateal. i tried them on last night and god almighty did i see well yes the nightmarish truth, just a goal i have or a dream of being a little taller. i'd also like to find some new canvas flat/skids with arches, flat feet. a wish. not much.


jen said...

lovely lovely tree, cat...
can't wait to see ya on thursday!

Anonymous said...

cat, love the new work...awesome as usual, i had a great time the other night, we've got to do it again soon!!! love ya, georja