what can be done

the next piece i've got on the coffee table slash studio easel isn't going as well. so i thought i'd show off my favorite part of my most recently finished piece. call it a bad habit. i am confused about how i want to "push the envelope" with the wood grain. it isn't like i've lost ideas, but can't see all of the options quite yet.

i'm watching the local news, thinking about a nap. watching the grey outside makes reading kundera's the book of laughter and forgetting a little more attractive. i've got until wednesday to finish up before next club meet. i really want to post my new paper quilts on etsy but have not got all the images i need, waiting waiting and then more rushing. i know the next piece after the one i'm working on now that i'm not real happy with, will be black and white. color is nice but i was thinking already about how to mix it up a little. i also have got to spend sometime writing a grant proposal. colder weather isn't all that bad, the rain keeps me from walking and from doing the necessary grocery shopping. it's silly but i end up purchasing all of my needs from cvs rx, so cheap after discounts and coupons.

i'm glad i stopped eating beef. and i'm thankful for my job(s). does anyone out there know alot about mac's garageband magical music making program? and well. that's about all. i can't wait until the weather gets a little bit warmer, i can ride my bike again and play tennis too. i'd really like to drink coffee outside in just a sweater. and yes, you're right i'm not articulating anything terribly important or specific, just felt the need to connect.


amber said...

thanks for my valentine! getting mail is just so fun...i haven't bothered to check the forecast but am hoping for brighter, warmer days...i know that you are busy with work and art, but i would love to hang out again sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

hey Aunt Cat-
When it gets brighter and warmer maybe you can come over and swin in the kiddie pool with Sam, Liam, and I (hee hee). Enjoy your art! It is wonderful. Laurie