create in me

initially i thought i'd keep my works, in progress and completed a bit of secret. so that when it came to showing at clothesline i could surprise people. like keeping the gender and name of your unborn child a secret until he/she has been delivered. alas the temptation has overwhelmed me and you're seeing this piece. another apart of my forest of trees growing.

i should be up getting the shower. easter is just one day to go to church and whether you believe it. this is a day to be filled up with a little bit more hope than normal. i'm just going to have to rush. i am learning a whole lot about making art and what it means to me. i am learning a whole lot about living and what it means to take care of myself. even though i am in the north, south, east and west i am at least discovering who i am in all of those places. the weeks ahead look to be hectic and i am doubtful and unsure of so much but i trust i will be protected and granted some blessing in all of it. the most recent thought i had in regarding to trying something new in my work...well it is strange. but i thought it would be interesting to get photos of under water ballet swimmers and paint and collage them. ooo. i'm not keeping up with march madness. i am however keeping up with clothesline to the best of my ability. i am keeping up with my art. i am keeping up with the things that hold my heart. laundry will pile and dishes will go unwashed and still i will find peace and assurance.

even though it is cloudy i will probably wear something bright. and more importantly i know that i am going to be with my family. my family. a place.


swooze said...

ooo ooo ooo i dig! it looks like sunset trees! thanks for sharing- the anticipation was killing me too!
i love you!

pyglet said...

Gorgeous trees - and I love process shots too!

Anonymous said...

there is illumination in this painting. you are using light in a new way. it is beautiful!