Blue Television Trees

time is flying and i have only got 16 more days to make and create. sofarso good. it seems like so little time, only two weeks. are you all ready. you are coming, right? and well. i have so much catching up to do here but with so little time, it isn't going to happen. at least i have something new to show for my absence.
the wonderful posters should be seen all around town this weekend or sooner. we've got invites in the mail and more to go out asap. life is terribly good. good as in the weather has been absolutely fantastic, i am allergy free, never had 'em. and well the trees are providing the inspiration i need. plans have changed, i'm not hitting the road afterall, i was heading out to seattle with my friend but the trip was pushed up and now she's gone and i'll just have to visit her in the next couple of months.

aside from clothesline and collier construction, i'm not doing anything much except make more art. i'm thinking about doing some 8"x 10" trees, same size as my paper quilts. single trees for single users, whatever. in new news i received the final template for the book and good news, it'll be on bookshelves come the fall, in my hands, yipes! it's not all o' crock afterall. i was seriously beginning to wonder, wander and wishing i had my quilts. went to four bridges, did you? good and amazing work. will share details asap. over and out.

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pink sky said...

hi cat...i want to ask you if i can use your welcome tree photo for the welcome page of my new blogzine. the post is up so you can see it, but i have not announced and gone "live" to my contacts. hope you'll be a part of our community... wishstudio blogzine dot blogspot dot com