i'm growing impatient

here it is at the end of march and i am seriously growing impatient. about so many different little things. for one i'd like to see my little paper quilt collages pieces again. i took a couple of pics before sending them off on their way over three months ago. i'm not complaining, oh no. just barely remember anything about having worked on the quilts. i have decided to take the two images i have out of hiding and they are now in my paper quilt collage flickr set.
i worked on my finances last night and know i'm down to the wire on taxes. i will be fine, no doubt just feeling a bit crunched all around.

my traveling plans are falling in to place little by little and well um so is clothesline. i'm wrapping up piece number 5. and as soon as i'm finished i'll let you have a sneak peak.

i sold the piece i created for the passages show. can't tell you to who, cuz well that's a secret too. what's up with that?

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amber said...

it was great to see you on saaturday, too! i seriously need to get out more. i always think i am too tired and then end up having a blast. see you soon!