in the red

last night i finished up number 8, in the red and started on number 9, yet to be titled. i am completely please how this series of works has come together. i have really loved working with the wood grain contact paper and vintage dollhouse wallpaper. it has been a thrill to watch what happens after applying the white layer of paint and see lines and values reveal themselves. i have got this method down, by no means has it become easier but i don't feel like i'm stumbling through the parts that make me nervous. i was initially very concerned with drawing and getting the trees just right. then it became necessary to get some better xacto knife blades and then no more glossy mod podge. all i can handle is the matte finish mod podge. some of my first pieces are a little more experimental but after settling in i have found my niche.

i am always looking for the right colors and knew i needed to work in black and white and did not feel like i had the right kind of paper and then i had that ah-ha moment last night around midnight. i finally decided to use the vintage family photos i bought years ago. i hope to have the vintage family photo trees done by saturday, so that all next week i can make some tiny little 8"x10". i'm also looking forward to getting my paper quilts back, they should be here tomorrow. i'm still shooting for about 20 pieces total. we'll see. or i suppose you'll have to come to the show to see. i just cannot wait to see it all together. my work and then also everyone elses. woohoo!


Anonymous said...

I love this series, it's quite strong, and well-developed. I hope the show goes well.

jen said...

lovely idea with the photos, cat... red trees look supa cool btw... missed ya @ book club... i knew i had tons o work 2 do, but went anyway - cant wait to hang wit ya clotheslines style

andrea said...

love seeing those vintage found photos in the mix, dear friend. as always, love the peek at your beautiful work... xo