beneath me sun

a new day. a new sun. a walk. clouds. a sticky piano. lyrics to songs i will never forget. like bruce cockburn's "when the sun goes nova". i find myself at the end of july with four new canvas to cover, and at this point, not a new idea brewing. i am just going to have to work it out. figure out the next puzzle and move on. ::beneath me trees:: worked out well. i was inspired by a conversation i had with my mother about making my trees fit into more of landscape. although i'm fine with trees all by themselves.

to change the subject and for the record. i have shopped at big lots-lots of times. but did not buy my bed there. my bed was a gift to me from the doctors that i used to work for. the bed and mattress came from kinder's furniture mall of all places. i remember feeling so overwhelmed by the options.

also, there are two very best ways to look at my art. i am consumed often with how much i continue to love flickr and i post a good image of all finished works there. see my side bar>to the right. secondly i have looked into getting or buying a website specifically for my art. i'm looking for just the right one. the right kind. until then you might want to look for me in the ava artist directory>here.

i better be off. i must begin a new piece now. now or never.


amber said...

oh, i like this one, too! the colors are so nice! good talking with you again this week. have a great weekend, my friend!

jen said...

somehow i had missed this post... but i gotta say that the color choices you made are really great and also that the top portion really reminds me of New City - i guess its a little like their logo.... makes me remember alll the great things about NCF