::dirt fortune::

i just completed ::dirt fortune:: for the upcoming arts & education council's art.a.ma.jig silent art auction. keeping it under wraps is practically impossible so i am giving my version of a sneak peek preview, for now. after the event i may show it off a little bit more. i was unable to snap a suitable image, i'll try again before i speed it off to get framed, or something. keeping with the tree theme you can well imagine my take on the events "fortune" theme. the event itself is not competitive, it's simply to raise money for the cause, a good cause at that. i am one hundred percent excited about the opportunity and feel honored to represent.
it is nerve racking, i'll give you that but, i feel good about what i've created. with ::dirt fortune:: i feel like my illustration skills came out and i found the same fulfillment in painting tiny as i do when i'm cutting paper tiny. i love the tiny rocks and pebbles that line the bottom edge, they're my favorite part and they express that dirt ought to be something we cherish, from dirt we came, right? and from dirt, a tree of gold, in my mind can grow.

so we'll see how it fits in with the rest of the "fortune" pieces. i won't think about it anymore.

this weekend was incredible. for making art and spending long parts of the day with my family. i cannot imagine being alone or ever feeling lonely. my life is much too full, what with a family tree that just keeps on growing. my nephews bring a joy i can't quite express, all three of them are these tiny growing branches that allow for this light to spread to us beneath on lower branches. my aunt lives in an old log cabin predating the civil war, surrounded by the mountains, its a blessed place, a haven and refuge. all around us on the fourth, neighbors shot off fireworks, filling the skies with grand light displays, aside the booms and bangs felt like we might as well have been in the middle of some minor artillery battle at dusk. i wanna spend every weekend there.

the week ahead looks hectic. i've got a few pieces to create for the clothesline jury next weekend. i have never made three new works in 5 days before. i think i'll shoot for 8"x10" this go around. i took a whole bunch of photos of my mother's garden. we decided to submit them to a local televisions garden of the week contest. i've posted a few on flickr. if she wins i'll laugh. really laugh.

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jen said...

your dirt fortune is just splendid, dearie! what a treasure it will be for the lucky winner.

this piece makes me remember fantastic worlds i always imagined visiting when i was little. nice visiting it again! i love the little rocks too!