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my travel mug hasn't seen a good scrub in over a week. i rarely run my dishwasher, i pack it full, like my garbage, the garbage my parents offered to take to the shoot, last night when they were over. i cannot stand throwing just half a garbage bag full down the shoot, such a waste. i mean if you're gonna waste, waste a lot at once, not these piddly piles of stuff. this past week has been much like a re-fresh of my heart, in so many ways. many ways better left unsaid. i finished reading the chosen, exactly by the first of july but not exactly on time for book club. which was great anyway, although it is seriously difficult getting a word in edge wise, which i don't mind at all, at all.

i have now begun to pick up animal vegetable miracle by barbara kingsolver, before bed and sleep, and am enjoying it. i plan to spend the rest of my evening working on "fortunately". i have been studying the roots of fortune and hope to mingle them with the gifts of the spirit, doubt it's gonna work but, i'll give it a good try.

do you all have anything to say?

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Anonymous said...

You've read the Asher Lev books, right? I recommend the Book of Lights, too, it's my favorite of Potok's. So sad that he passed away.