to water

there are summer days and then there are summer days. days in the middle of my parents backyard, looking up and around and finding myself infatuated with one single tree. a tree covered up in color, like nobodies business. the spectrum, mind boggling, i swear i took a thousand photos and came out with a dizzy head. after spinning in every direction, all i came up with was one wish, to be able to climb up into the tree and take a thousand more photos.

i wonder, if my neighbors next door, ever think of me. the very same neighbors who at eleven sharp, on the dot every evening, decide it's their time to practice for the slight chance american idol might be hitting up chattanooga for it's next hot voice. they'd never believe my tree and i wonder if we'd have anything in common. i cannot even tell if who i'm listening to, through one wall, is a male or a female. whichever, their laugh is hysterically scary. i can hear every bit of their conversation, between a twisted version of celine dion's titanic song, you know the one. it puzzles me how they repeat the same thing every single night and i seriously have to think if they have ever thought that someone might be listening, and would they care. would they be as inspired by my new favorite berry-full tree?

mysteries are just that. i let my mind wander and all it needs is even less sleep or water to keep the questioning seedlings from growing in my over active imagination. i've used my book as a means to keep a beat on my side of the wall to the music they play on their side. it's funny i do not think they even hear my book. it makes me feel better though. except it reminds me of how passive aggressive it all feels. i oughta swamp 'em with some of my bountiful csa. water their imaginations for awhile, see if they like mysterious vegetables hanging from their dorm roomish door knob.

i will be finished with a commission piece tomorrow afternoon and then i'll begin anew. my aunt has been married for thirty years and i'm going over to that great place to help her and my uncle to celebrate. i think about all the clothes i have piled up and how i should fix my dresser drawer, it seems like my last priority.

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