underneath II

okay i can say ::underneath ii:: is now complete and ready to be handed off to ms. heidi v. she can rename it of course, if she so wishes. it's my identification ways i suppose, to help me distinguish between each piece, not so much a title as a catalog of interesting words.

i feel like, humbly, that this was quite a successful piece, completion and execution. it's larger by a bit than the original number one underneath that sold previously at the last our clothesline art show. it wasn't until after the show, that heidi announced she'd wanted to make it hers and afterall could not. i told her "heck, i'll make you one!" "no problem!" and it really wasn't. but, i'm now eager to move on, to jet off and depart from the wood grain contact paper for a minute, i may come back, one day. it's the cutting out of the trees, thats so crazy labor intensive, not exactly sweat shop style but i can say my right hand might suffer, or does, and my neck. i haven't used an easel in a couple of years. my studio consists of my old locker trunk. i'm fine with that too.

eight weeks in counting, to another clothesline and boy am i gonna have to push the needle to a hundred and ten miles per hour. i have no real concrete idea in which direction to go this go around. the trees seem played out and yet, it's all i want to make, treescapes, my forest growing.

from where i sit i'm gonna procrastinate just a little bit and then it's off and running.


katiek said...

Love the underneath 2!! Thanks for coming over last night. I'm all about procrastination! My belly is making it harder for me to want to move quick at all. But with so little time, yeeesh! I'm still reeling from all the changes Lauren wants on the card. ugh.

MaryPaul said...

I think we have the same bed. I'm going to expose myself here and ask "are you a Big Lots shopper?"