::splattered building trees::

number six completed for clothesline.  six of maybe maybe maybe ten.  this one took just a little bit longer to complete, due to the complex line work of the background.  the splattered texture in the background was just too good to cover up so i had to think considerably about how to deal with lining up the landscaped background.  i started on the right hand side with the creamy white paint and found a house, then moving up the right hand side and around i found myself becoming more creative with the line quality.  i thought about the line quality of houses being built, in process or as a house is being framed.  i also like how chimney's pop out of the tops of houses and this idea of ladders; see, above the white out house on the right.  and my trees kind of remind me of ladders too.  i was excited about using wallpaper again for the tree.  i liked using the wood grain contact paper and it was super easy to cut out but the wall paper tends to have this deep richness that provides great contrast.  the wall paper was interesting only because it had fibers or strings attached, along with circles of silver and gold, which cannot be seen via image.  

overall pretty pleased with this one.  if i had not taken me as long i think i'd like it better.  i am thinking now i'll do a little piece, just to get the blood really flowing again.

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swooze said...

i dig. so i guess i will have to buy this one....along with all your other pieces...that's right all of them!!! feel free to use my walls as gallery space until they sell...i will be your new fitness together, and that's an order!