trying indifferently

i decided to bake this evening.  something i rarely feel like doing.  any motivation i have to cook or bake has pretty much gone to the wayside, sacrificed in order to make art and stuff.  i make some chocolate chip cookies that i think are rather the best.  i have the recipe memorized and have a couple of adaptations that make for a soft chewy cookie that melts in your mouth, so to speak.  i melt real unsalted butter in the microwave.  i let my eggs acclimate to room temp and use not two but three.  i add a random amount of oatmeal, finely chopped pecans and coconut.  i bake them at 375 degrees for less than then 5 minutes.  there isn't anything super healthy about the cookies, i often think of them sort of like a meal but that's just plain old justification.  

if i ever own my own place and have a choice in countertops i do not think i'll ever choose black but, i sure do enjoy taking photos on the blacktop.  it makes for a nice contrast, most of the time, except it shows every crumb, stain or speck of dust.  consider yourself warned.  

i've been surfing a little lately and found a semi decent place for nice museum art wrapping paper.  pomegranate reminds me of the local museum gift shop.  funny though i found a roll of this paper at our local greenlife grocery.  seriously.  

another good thing i found recently via freshly blended is blanket magazine, taking submissions now, for september's travel issue.  

the rest of my week includes: a walk to amber's house to pick up my csa and maybe see kt too, finish next piece of art, laundry, freezing vegetables for the winter time, and maybe a soy iced latte, oh and having wood you be mine framed to hang at demoss accounting, yipes, i almost forgot.

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