shop updates:new art

most of my new art work is now up for sale in my etsy shop.  there are a couple of things missing because they were either sold or have been donated. anything that interests you can be replicated so do not despair.  i got my mini moo cards the day after clothesline ended, kind of a bummer, but i needed them anyway.  i have pretty much gotten back my bearings and am ready to beginning again.  

there is so much to look forward to, i feel like i am bursting at the seams.  honestly, my goal is to have something new every week between now and May 2009, having more of a variety and such.  i am still thinking about 4bridges and other possibilities, i just have a few more little things to tie up with clothesline.  i hope to post more often too, with some of things that have seriously been inspiring me.  

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