wrap it up::available art soon

the weekend was great!  clothesline was a beautiful success, so much so.  i am currently working to wrap up the the financial aspects, getting inventory information and moolah to the artists.  it will take me another few days and then things ought to be settled.  i am looking forward to a little break, maybe a week and then i will be off and running again.  

i know many of you have inquired about my work for sale at clothesline.  i wanted to make sure you all know that any previous work is over in my etsy shop and all things new and fresh will be there soon.  look for some slashed prices and for special deals that may help you make your decision easier.  i would love to open up my apartment for extra viewing opportunities, i am still thinking about those details, so please do stay tuned.  for those of you who may have inquired about commission work, that is easy!  there is only a small waiting period.  i will be offering or donating a piece to benefit {revive}, the sanctuary, event on september 27, silent auction style.  come out and support this incredible organization and take home a piece of art.  i will also be busy creating a "eek" tree or something along those lines, for the "scary stuff" halloween exhibit at createhere.

i know the holidays are rolling in and i'd love to create and warm up to the idea of maybe well applying to get into the 4bridgesartfest.  i am ready to try.  clothesline will do that to a person. big thank you's to all that came out to clothesline.  it was wonderful getting to talk with all of you and for having the chance to share my art work with you.  i do not want to sound crazy, but i look forward to starting new art.  and i cannot wait to see where the challenges lead me.  over and out.  sleep tight. 

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