::adida trees::completed

not much of a change. it just helped to experiment a little with this one. this week has been packed. i am looking forward to the weekend. i am living in limbo with spirits that are high. last week i sent a formal letter of complaint to the property manager and her superior asking for a little retribution for the major leak in my apartment. i quickly received a response that absolutely blew my mind. a reflection of grace. it never hurts to ask, you know? this evening i was in the middle of baking biscuits and the fire alarm in my building went off. apparently a little lady on the fourth floor left rice on the stove and it burnt, filling the fourth with smoke. i grabbed my bag and cell phone and went downstairs and outside with a hope and prayer. it is still an odd feeling to be able to let everything go in the blink of an eye. i wish letting go of the daily emotional aspects of waking in the dark at the crack of dawn, driving in heavy traffic to work and slowly reacting to things that happen to me and around me, was just as easy as leaving all my material things behind. there are so many little things that remind me of the joy in monotony. it's a common theme among many of us, i know. there is great truth in simplistic beauty. if it's so simple, how come most of us forget? there are great things i miss from just getting in my own way, i see that. no duh! i'm gonna get back to my trees. and leave what ever philosophical discussion i was about to have with myself, alone. i am going to turn in early tonight, i just feel it.


carol collier said...

These trees look like autumn trees. Kind of a dark, yet bright intensity. I really like this piece.
Love from your Mom

Anonymous said...

I love these, Cat.
Erin P.