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the rest of the week looks like a long list of to do's and some probably won't get around to's. regardless, here it is, in one, in the bag kind of way.
a. write "moving" letter - study the craft of complaint
b. clothesline board debriefing meeting
c. scrounge up boxes
d. organize
e. pack & launder
f. work on new 8"x10" art
g. paint magazine rack
h. sand desk to look worn
i. eat @ mellow mushroom with sisters in laws
j. new post old art at 50% off sale on etsy (will keep you updated)
k. scrub tub
l. exercise
m. read the red tent more
n. take "giveaways" to salvation army
o. make some mashed potatoes
p. see new little niece, may
q. corner the market
r. collect a few fall leaves
s. spray paint plant stand
t. research new bike
u. my turn to buy non-dairy creamer for work
v. take more pictures
w. look more carefully and notice
x. believe+joy=miracle
y. take my vitamins
z. no naps, bed time earlier

all in all not a bad week planned, uh?


katiek said...

If you need boxes you can have a few from me. I'd offer you my tape gun but it's kinda broken. If you want to suffer thru it there is a trick to it, but it's available too if you want to use it.

carol collier said...

I just ordered the paper quilt book. I can't wait to see it. How exciting ~ you are published!
I love you ~ Mom

mawakeley said...

great post, cat :)

swooze said...

I have so many boxes in my trunk! i will get them to you pronto! um i don't know why i still have them in my trunk...i was debating where to recycle them...apparently that is at your house. ps i can't believe you're moving! redic! but so exciting!!