Creative Paper Quilts::Horray!!!

creative paper quilts coming very very soon to the bookstores near you!
i received the best news a girl can get today, from the sweet and amazing (author & artist) terri stegmiller. she posted her advanced copy of the book on her blog. i almost could not believe my eyes. i feel like i have been talking and writing about this for forever.

it is incredibly exciting to see my little paper quilts on the pages of a diy book, finally! it's an absolute thrill and a joy for me to have the opportunity to actually talk about it and share the process. i loved creating these one of kind "paper quilts" and have had this dream of seeing my art work in print. there is a undefinable feeling when you first see all of your art work hanging on a gallery wall but it is all together quite a different feeling when you see you work reproduced a thousand times for mass consumption. a lovely feeling, in the right context. i have not touched my paper quilts, worked on a paper quilt since finishing the book project. i may feel it's time to pick up the collage again and try my hand at some monochromatic paper - stuff - experimentation, something, who knows? i have the majority of my paper quilts up for sale in my etsy shop and will see about putting up the specific quilts from the book up for sale as well. i really have no idea.

in treehouse apt news; i'm meeting with my current property management tomorrow to discuss my move from the grand. i plan to be as kind and as firm as possible and hope to come away with peace about the next two months. i am head over heels blown away by how things have just fallen into place the last couple of days. i cannot wait to be settled in my new "flat" at the new southside flats - i've got my work cut out for me. prepping for Holiday St. Elmo fest/show, moving outta here, i'd like to contribute a piece of work to the AVA all member salon show, there's the october 31st createhere "scary stuff" bit and then MAINX24 on December 6. it's the best of times, really and to beat all chattanooga got some good rain yesterday and my drive to kimball today was beautiful, what with the trees beginning to change color. i'll leave it at that. good night.


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