favorite & thinking

this time of year is undeniably my favorite part. i must say it every year to reassure myself or spread the autumn gospel truth. i feel like i have a secret sense and am able to see things that others do not. the light changes and my stomach turns over on to itself, like it used to, when starting back to school in the fall. nervous energy nudges me awake in the morning before it's time as if the day holds a gift yet to be unwrapped. something happens during this time. i like taking more photos and now after a long year of creating a lot of new art work, i am finding new places of comfort with the brush, pen and pencil. coffee and biscuits taste better. caramel apple cupcakes from rembrandt's are no longer too sweet. i remember family fall hikes and mom telling us we oughta walk like indians through the woods. i sing the praises of light, filtered, waning sun.

oh i am nervous about moving. it seems like this place has been my home for so long. i see now how seriously settled in here i have become, even more than i thought. i will not miss the neighbors or the terribly loud street noise. i do not think i'll even miss the view. i think i'll miss the fact that i made it my home after so many years of neglecting home for so long. this place was a refuge, protection needed from stormy thoughts and tidal wave consequences. november holds a few unknowns yet. i'll know more, more towards the end of the month after a couple of art shows. i know these next three weeks are going to be the best, packing, dispersing and then recreating a home. i am glad that the heat of the summer has passed, for that loading and unloading boxes i might not break a sweat.

this morning i posted all new art works in my etsy shop. a total of three pieces for your hemming and hawing pleasure. i have decided "the" sale will be at the end of november. i'll mark whatever is left from showing at HISE down 1/2 price. how's that sound?

have a nice sunday. i'm off now.

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