::jellyfish trees::

more trees, new lines, new inspiration and motivation to continue to try and build and grow. i love this one and will begin today on another larger version. i went to fitness together yesterday to pick up the majority of my work and thank goodness i did. i found two of my pieces in the very back closet and on another two pieces i found dust an inch deep had landed and been neglected. totally fault of mine for not considering or thinking about my art there. so it's a week away from holiday in st. elmo, once again crunch time and i'm feeling pretty good about it all. i'll have work that has all been completed in the last year plus many new smaller affordable pieces for show and sale. what isn't sold will then be added to my etsy shop, selling at discount. it'll be the first time i have ever sold major stock at discount. should be interesting. right? until then i'll keep you updated on new work completed between today and the friday after thanksgiving. after i make two pumpkin pies, i'll pack the dishes. see you back here soon. have a nice and cozy sunday.

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mawakeley said...

i absolutely love your work, and this is just exceptional! have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and much success with selling your newly returned pieces. as an aside, i too recently had work come back to me from a gallery that closed its doors and was happy to put each piece in my etsy shop. three have sold at discounted prices so far:)