::pbn trees::&::speaking to me trees::

apparently the trees keep coming and it does not seem i have done anything to stop them. i am beginning to wonder if i have any control at all, of the forest growing. i find that i still need to learn something in this series and keep finding new ways to layer and describe lines and posture trees against the sky. ::pbn trees:: in the top photo is another small one for holiday in st. elmo. i happen to think someone might like this one, it's soft on the eye and quiet. i keep thinking about how fun it would be to create landscapes in animation. i still wish for a way to get these trees compiled into a nice big cardboard coffee table book. it is going to happen, along with a album of forest growing music. one day.
i had the opportunity to show in AVA's three day all member salon show last weekend and happened to get a shot off of ::speaking to me trees:: this one seems a little neon-y to me, no so sure. i think i look at it this way, all the little squiggly lines are actual parts of the trees and you have to imagine getting glimpses of the branches and leaves through the light. the idea is that the light is flooding out the trees, blinding one's few from seeing the entire tree. i feel like the rocks in this one are pretty nice too, if i can say so myself. i got some pencil in there and went a little crazy. oh well. this one too will be in the tent at hise! i have a couple more 8x10's and then i have been called to create some bigger things...sortof.

these days are quite amazing, every moment seems a little more breath taking than the next. do you feel it too?

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