::silently trees::

i seem to be nursing the sniffles tonight but got a shot off of my newest piece, ::silently trees:: i think i am finally finished with these trees. i spent a couple hours drawing and have come up with at least one new idea. it's not like i have become lazy or that these little pieces take any less time, it's just the design feels flushed. i have absolutely no idea. i love painting in and layering so much, i find it addictive but it does not help the maturation of well anything but repetition or something.

does anyone know how to finish packing up their home? this last little bit has me baffled. shoes? how will i know which ones i will want to wear again or more than any other pair before i move? dishes? it's just me, i only need one of everything i am going to need between now and then but, it feels complicated. is it not? oh well. i'll figure it out. i'm just thinking about thanksgiving and making pumpkin pie and more spice cookies. oh brother.


StegArt said...

Very, very lovely.

katiek said...

It's funny how you're a smidge insecure about doing trees over and over. You shouldn't feel that way, each one is different and equally refreshing. They change with the seasons just like real trees. They're beautiful, always. You can take some inspiration from Josiah, he's been loving the Ginkos outside of Battle these days. The shape of those leaves mmmmm.

My only tid bit of advice about moving is to pack stuff but dont tape the box shut if you think you might need it. Like pack all your shoes except the ones you for sure want to wear, then if you need those little black heels you don't have to undo tape and then when you truly are ready just tape and go!