corner creep

i will have to space out the scenery, scope out the fine lines and take less from the city.  but when there is a corner that seems as creepy it happens to be difficult not to focus and imagine it's possible inhabitants. and in fact the move has been halted, only because i want the bookshelves in place before i go and decor the "flat".  and a stud finder before i go and nail the walls.  my brothers, and there are two of them, came over to help me welcome this new place into my life.  one brother, a contractor and the other brother, a writer.  we stood on my balcony//deck and looked and talked briefly about building details and readymade magazine writing.  i would like to spend my evening writing letters, updating folks on my new mailing address but i do not think the usps has decided the number.  i think it must be pretty difficult.  the drug dealer on the creepy corner and the church next door and the weird warehouse across the street, they have their place.  i am just here looking and talking about this place and will let you know as soon as i feel at home.  believe me, i am not scared.  the storm last night only made me wake up once and i am not smoking inside so this morning, i met with the rain, thunder and lighting.  when i know more i'll write more.  

p.s.  i received my copy of 'creative paper quilts' last week.  i can finally say without an ounce of doubt that i have been published.  after a year's worth of work and waiting it was difficult not to begin to believe the worse but the book is nice and i think having my art on the cover is something to shout about!!!     

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carol collier said...

What an intriguing picture. It really stimualtes the imagination. Love you sweetie ~ Mom