free radicals

i like light for all of the million and one ways it is captured and moved and used.  the instant light is born from the darkness, feelings emerge along lines that change as the sun rises to set and the moon turns it's face.  natural light is intense and filters well through the lens.  artificial light often glows, blurs and frays, especially at night.  light is obvious and so meaningful to me.  good lighting makes or breaks an atmosphere, the environment has seriously got to be just right.  light lifts the burden of having to see in the dark, it reveals the darkest corners and seeps from underneath doors.  it warms and cools simultaneously.  serves me well. so well i like light and like the color that light gives.  it's so worth everything to me to see light and to understand it scientifically.  i am especially thankful for the good christmas party lighting this weekend.  it turns out that i am fairly addicted to light, it is not a silly thing, but light can make me what to cry sometimes.  just maybe that's the reason i love the city, the lights at night, awh!  a city's beauty is often seen at night.  oh boy! 

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