.:merry christmas eve:.

hi people!  just a quicky here.  yesterday i celebrated my 33rd birthday.  i had a full day and for a very brief but delightful moment the sun came out.  i had to jump and get my camera and shoot a few.  the shadows were magnificent.  oh the western sun.  i love it!  as i was leaving to meet my folks for dinner i got stuck in my apartment building elevator.  that's not happened to me before.  i had no idea what i should do.  there is, you know, a fire department button and a 24 hour elevator help line button.  i decided to push the help line button.  i was "rescued" with in 25 minutes or so.  i thought surely i would be in the box for hours.  to make matters just a little worse my cell phone battery was dying quickly and well i wasn't sure if help did not come, i'd have communications with the outside world.  ha!  needless to say i am completely fine.  excellent, really.  just another little adventure.  today i've been wrapping gifts and making secret paper presents for a little niece and nephew.  i'm expecting to get a visitor here in a minute.  a last minute art shopper.  can not believe it!  i'll be back tomorrow most likely.  until then have a very merry christmas eve.  peace and love.

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amber said...

merry christmas and happy birthday! i cannot believe that you were stuck in the elevator. how creepy! hope to see you soon!