sunny yellow::rain

we've been having rain and more rain and today even more. it seems to feel a little like spring outdoors, warm enough to turn off the hvac and open doors and windows. while i was able to bake some cookies this morning, just wrapped them up, i started to think about how much a great big snow would just make this holiday. i'd love it. i have been trying to imagine seeing the city under a blanket of white. hope for it, cross my fingers and wish. also on the inside i couldn't decide if i'd display my sunny yellow eggcup collection again or not. silly i think to have such a collection when i do not even eat eggs out of cups or ever (unless baked into goodies). i'm glad to have just a small out of the way nook to place this old little corner shelf, it's something i just cannot seem to get rid of. most of the cups came from a big antique store a little outside of chattanooga. others came from ebay. most of them seem old with beaks chipped. on another rainy day a corner like this is a much needed bright spot.

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