winter is for...

knee socks worn with flip flops. new ornaments. handmade ornaments. store bought ornaments or more finely handcrafted ornaments. winter is for the chill and for great big cold gasps of air. winter is for cozy and for piles of blankets on the bed. winter is for pinching pennies in order to snap up the best little gifts for family and friends. winter is for reading more, listening to music more, lighting advent and remembering. winter is for cookies and lots of them. winter is for non traditional wrapping, which might be at least my second to favorite thing to do this time of the year.

maybe i'm a little biased about winter, or at least december. it is after all my month and so it seems winter runs in my blood. does that seem right?

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katiek said...

I have a feeling this winter will be forever in my memory. There is something about winter that is just...better. Coats, hot drinks, standing outside somewhere in the city taking in the chill and the lights. I really don't get into the whole Christmas decoration craziness, but wrapping presents is very therapeutic. I did some wrapping last night and it took away the grouchies. It'd be fun if I could give you a new little friend for your birthday this year, a Tessa.