::untitled something trees::

ah, a sigh of relief.  yes the kind after holding your breath, after a long winded explanation, after a long silent break.  a sigh that feels like "okay, i've got it, the time has come, the ice has been broken and i might just be back in the swing of things".  no problem.  the table is now where i make my art {thanks jen for the fantastic offer, i might end up taking you up on it at some point} and it worked.  it was comfortable enough.  enough for now.  enough to seek out what has been hidden underneath these wintery grey layers.  and yes, i do keep thinking about the weather and self portraits and the tops of buildings and mountains.  but mostly i want so badly for it to snow in my city and for the snow to sit like dollops on the trees and in drops on the sidewalk.  but there is color inspiration too, the green kind and so amidst the snow there's a little spring mixed with raw earthy dirt stuff.  no more blur.  thank you fine line and indoor plant life again and again thank you.  

::untitled something trees:: is immediately going to find it's place for sale at phantomcrimes.etsy for approximately sixty dollars which includes shipping and handling.  it's small but sweet and such a reminder of new growth.  hopefully, right?  much more in store here, so check back frequently.  i promise i make stuff.  ha!  


hassock collection

hassock image and a terrible awful one at that but, you get the idea.  i like them.  a lot.  and hopefully maybe one day i'll have more than two and one that is red, orange, and perhaps gold.  i won't need them, will just want them.  i'll giveaway something so as not to bulge at the seams.  i am almost through with a new piece of art and will hopefully have it ready to show in a few minutes.  until then well.  have a nice restful sunday.  put your feet up and relax.  


goodbye andrew

most thankful for:

andrew wyeth



mothership wit


fine lines


knee socks

indoor plant life



tissue paper

155 safe and sound


fingerless mittens


new music

book club




rabbit ears

salvation army


a new day


saving up

there has not been much room lately for blogging.  on the other hand there's been plenty of other activity and a tad more sunlight.  the natural kind.  the kind i like even when the temperatures are freezing frigid.  since the holidays, life has slowed into a pleasant pace and settling in has felt better than making art.  last night i began two new pieces.  i feel like i am saving up the moments, storing up feelings and ideas.  before moving i kept thinking about my new place and what it would be like and now it's here and i live in it.  it is hard to adjust and make a place to create in this new place.  i feel no need to have space outside of my place to create art but it's awkward, trying to figure it out.  i have plenty of space, it's just the trying to coordinate the space in a way that works well for me between the comings and goings and gatherings.  i received an ikea gift card from the guys at the office for christmas, which is so nice, but after perusing online, i'm not so sure, what it is i want to go for.  shelves or tables or rugs or storage or what.  i think i'll figure it out, there's no urgency.  aside from all of this and that.  all is well.  and soon hopefully soon i'll have something new to show for this great pause.   


a little more::to do

i have just a couple more things to get done before i begin making art again. the day after christmas i took a little trip to insyde outsyde with my mom and aunt. my mom found this great little tray cart practically brand new, for only ten bucks. we went to the knitting mills and i found a bright green tiny square hassock too but, i haven't got a good image of it to show. it has come in quite handy, taking down the higher placed christmas decor. i finished writing all of my thank you letters last night and have just a tiny stack of stuff to sort through before i will actually feel like oh nine has begun. for instance; getting a new calendar and address book for one.

the weather has been slightly crumby the last few days. just this dreary overcastness i love only it's been like five days in a row. it happens to be great weather for exercise though, i'm finding out. not too hot, not to cool and a constant fine mist, is just
what the new year ordered. i suppose.

the holidays went by so quickly, i welcomed the rest and relaxation after a more stressful close to the year. i look around and can barely believe i have moved and that i'm making a new home for myself. it has been nice to have the family come up and friends out to break it all in and make it feel a little more comfy home. what else is there to say, as of yet, i'm not up to making any resolutions, at least not until i have a better view of the year via a desk calendar. got any suggestions? it seems to be all that's on my mind lately.