saving up

there has not been much room lately for blogging.  on the other hand there's been plenty of other activity and a tad more sunlight.  the natural kind.  the kind i like even when the temperatures are freezing frigid.  since the holidays, life has slowed into a pleasant pace and settling in has felt better than making art.  last night i began two new pieces.  i feel like i am saving up the moments, storing up feelings and ideas.  before moving i kept thinking about my new place and what it would be like and now it's here and i live in it.  it is hard to adjust and make a place to create in this new place.  i feel no need to have space outside of my place to create art but it's awkward, trying to figure it out.  i have plenty of space, it's just the trying to coordinate the space in a way that works well for me between the comings and goings and gatherings.  i received an ikea gift card from the guys at the office for christmas, which is so nice, but after perusing online, i'm not so sure, what it is i want to go for.  shelves or tables or rugs or storage or what.  i think i'll figure it out, there's no urgency.  aside from all of this and that.  all is well.  and soon hopefully soon i'll have something new to show for this great pause.   

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jen said...

yo cat... I just read this post and had a thought...
I have that lovely lovely GIANT drawing desk (the one we got in hotlanta @ dick blick..) and am not using it - I really just don't have anywhere to work that can hold such a desk - but, can't bear to toss it - Do you want it??? I don't know what your new space is like/don't know if you have room for this either, but thought I would offer b/c it really is quite a great workspace... has a great light and you can adjust the angle o the desk from horizontal to 90 degrees...
let me know if you would like it

txs for the card btw

sorrry this is an ETERNAL comment
lata! Jen