::untitled something trees::

ah, a sigh of relief.  yes the kind after holding your breath, after a long winded explanation, after a long silent break.  a sigh that feels like "okay, i've got it, the time has come, the ice has been broken and i might just be back in the swing of things".  no problem.  the table is now where i make my art {thanks jen for the fantastic offer, i might end up taking you up on it at some point} and it worked.  it was comfortable enough.  enough for now.  enough to seek out what has been hidden underneath these wintery grey layers.  and yes, i do keep thinking about the weather and self portraits and the tops of buildings and mountains.  but mostly i want so badly for it to snow in my city and for the snow to sit like dollops on the trees and in drops on the sidewalk.  but there is color inspiration too, the green kind and so amidst the snow there's a little spring mixed with raw earthy dirt stuff.  no more blur.  thank you fine line and indoor plant life again and again thank you.  

::untitled something trees:: is immediately going to find it's place for sale at phantomcrimes.etsy for approximately sixty dollars which includes shipping and handling.  it's small but sweet and such a reminder of new growth.  hopefully, right?  much more in store here, so check back frequently.  i promise i make stuff.  ha!  

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