do you feel it?

it's in the air.  all around us.  between the cracks and beneath the layers.  it's often loud and often hard to hear.  it's quietly moving in right beneath our noses.  it can be swept under the rug and barely noticed or embraced and reciprocated.  it's the one thing that seems so simple, four little letters that pack a punch. it's surprising and heartbreaking, earth-shattering and mysterious.  it can be a blessing and a curse.  it can be twisted and thwarted, tainted and tempting.  it is the one word we have a "love-hate" relationship with.  we stuff it, we buy it, we hoard it and carry it with us wherever we go.  it makes us angry and turns us upside down and still we hear the beckoning, the invitation, the welcome mat is out, the open sign is on.  it brings us to our knees.  it can be arranged and timed. it can be blind and freeing.  it can change everything.  it's a huge responsibility.  it's not political.  it's what's for dinner, in the stars, a sacrifice.  it's what we wish for, pray for, diet for.  it's under the covers, feeding the homeless, adopting, parenting, creating, and living.  it's all in the details and on the tip of the tongue.  it does not rest.  it will not give up.  do you feel it? 


katiek said...

I love you Cat! I feel it, too much. I feel it so much that I realize there's not enough of me to spread it all around. I hope to hang with you soon, I miss ya! I'm finally feeling better. What has it been, a month??

linda said...

Amen Cat, so well put.I know this heart is bursting with it.