this past wednesday evening i had the pleasure of hosting the monthly book club dinner&discuss.  it seems to me that i had stopped entertaining in the last years of being in my old apartment and i didn't know it, but had forgotten what joy and definition it brought to life.  i stopped entertaining mainly because my old place had literally become a studio and because the walls seemed to be closing in so very fast. when i moved i was fortunate to give away and let go of so many things that cluttered my living and working space.  i found in entertaining my friends the other night, that there was beauty again in the things i had decided to keep.  dishes aren't usually something you can do without, obviously.  it just felt nice to have a reason to use them and to appreciate them.  i felt more appreciative of the fact that my guests came, than of what i thought i could offer by entertaining. mainly it just did me some good.  

i also feel, in some respects i had become a little odd.  in the sense that, hanging anything on my walls was something i feared doing.  an absolutely maddening fear of driving in the nail and being so stubborn about it, even after inviting my mother over to help me take the step, hammer and measuring tape in hand.   the fear sounds ridiculous to me.  but it's over for now.  i am not going to hang anything else for a little bit longer.  oh and plus you'd think as an artist i'd have been given a free ticket ability to hang art, not a chance.  the idea(s) are there, the desire is desperate but the skill&love is gone.  

my only cooking mishap of the early evening came when i burnt something i was frying on the oven to a crisp, to a smokey, almost fire alarm sort of crisp.  fans and doors flung open, i started over and won't ever ever try and fry bacon again, probably.  it's not especially a meat i eat and secondly it's just not a cooking or frying me kind of thing. whatever freaky, split second thing happens in a pan, right before the whole of bacon stripes go up in flames, i have no clue, the science is something i'd like to leave in the lab, with a big fire extinguisher.  and yeah, thankfully, for some fortunate reason, no lurking burnt bacon smell in my apartment, no waffle house odor lofting about, just a little garlicky around here.  i am seriously ready for spring, i mean come on, all i want to do is show winter the door.  leave the doors and windows open and not have winter re-invite herself back in for eight months.  

if this has not been the long hard cold winter, i don't know what is, weathermen forecasting flood watches and snowfall, they only wish, chattanooga never sees the likes.  if i'm gonna have to cozy up, i mine as well make more and more art.  hopefully will finish ::telemachos thoughts:: tomorrow.  until then, best weekend wishes to you all.  

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