::spring into step::

i don't know about you but i am thinking and feeling more like spring.  unfortunately, i think we here, still have a ways to go, after all those merryweathermen are calling for snow showers tomorrow.  what? uh?  ought there be some way to urge the warmth back into our hearts and homes?  i would have to say so, no way the frigid temps are going to keep spring from my step.  

between family gatherings, birthdays, late dinners and book club socials, i've found time to finish another little painting, i'm calling 
::to be square::  it took a while because for such a tiny little thing i kept feeling  like there was too much going on and i had to keep loading on the white paint.  i believe i got it and i'm happy with how it turned out.  i'll add it promptly to my etsy shop later on today or tomorrow.  it will cost no less than sixty bucks with no additional shipping and handling. 
i stayed up way too late last night to start and complete this sunburst//starburst project.  i was determined and am so thankful.  i'll be working on several more to hang in my large apartment windows.  of course instead of curtains, to replace the snowflakes.  i am so excited about how this turned out.  it was of course not too too easy.  the cones are a little tricky but i found that tacky glue works, dries fast and holds, you know?

i had this other idea to, cover all my my books in this white rice paper that kk1000 gave me like 10 years ago for christmas.  at book club we talked about organization and how we each arrange our books.  i'm not too worried about finding titles or authors, i've read all the books i have and very rarely do i go back to reference.  i end up just letting people borrow but i think it'd be nice to have a white collection of books.  awh!

i also have this pretty large lion painting that is so ridiculously gross, i'm not sure i oughta show it off.  the good news is that it was given to me to paint over.  so that's next on the to paint list.  i'll have a few tiny little canvas squares i think i'm going to devote to paper quilts.  we'll see.  

oh and then there is valentines!  i'm stocked to make my own to send out.  cannot wait!  1st on my list of projects.  yes yes yes!
:have a wonderful unlonely sunday, i'm going to the museum.  it's free today.

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