::Hyperion::{my watcher from above}

2nd in a series of 3 for P2P, also known as Palette 2 Palette.  FACES exhibit at createhere on main street, April 4.  

the most exciting aspect of this pieces is the incorporation of real wood wall paper, given to me by a friend, while he was papering the new BCBS building.  

::Hyperion::{my watcher from above} is the mythological god of light.  nothing too mysterious about that, mixed in the sunshine, a light bulb (not a c.f.l.), and a little bit of lightening.  i would have liked to have added some fire but accidentally cut if off.  the face is cut from some really nice fiber wall paper and rest is just a light landscape, so to speak.  

i have one more piece to go, hoping to create a female, any suggestions?  

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