are the moments of light and silence. a break in the waves before they crash and crush the body onto the bottom sands.  the sigh of safety. sound and sights of springing forward. the rest between warm sheets. walls that tumble and change the landscape. surrounded by embrace. missing caleb, my serious ray of sunshine. touching bodies and dancing more than talking. truing the lines and filling in the details. remembering to ask, forgetting forget. listening.  is this it?

i will start.  this coming weekend.  to make new art.  in the meantime i am going to update phantomcrimes.etsy and think about all the possible submissions to all the possible art things.  i will buy bigger canvas and make larger works of art.  i will enter createhere's next juried artshow and ava's all member show.  
there is an unequivocal desire to drive along the coast.  to stay driven. to remain at the most motivated.  off the subject; have you ever listened or read the 'i miss you' lyrics on bjork's post? i am thoroughly interested in what others might interpret she means to say.  if you know something please do comment.  i have a hunch but before i say what i think i'd like to see if anyone else thinks the same.  

i am thinking about buying a washing machine and dryer combo, anyone have any suggestions? and what else?  a list.  i will work on that to share.  

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Very Interesting!
Thank You!