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i just couldn't resist.  i had to, because i just couldn't believe it until i saw it, touched it, read it.  karen michel's book is on shelves now and it is beautiful.  as soon as i got home last night i dug in and began reading, cover to cover.  soaking in the spirit and purpose of this book.  'green guide for artists' cuts to the chase, delving into studio safety, green art recipes, and profiling artists who are mindful of their making. it is a conscience write on how to create art that is nontoxic, environmentally favorable, and significantly aware.  

i am going to make art for the rest of my life and so it is important that i remain knowledgeable of how my art influences the viewer. it is just as valuable and challenging for me to always consider how my work impacts my world, my body, and my home.  without even thinking about it, i began reusing material that had prior function. i participated in several art paper swaps, and flung myself at a massive stack of old or vintage wallpaper books i found, i began consuming less art store material and found a way to incorporate a lot of my own found pieces. from tissue paper left in gift bags, wrapping paper, mailing stamps left on envelopes, to old unused cardboard games like checkerboards and such. recently i was given two particle board type countertop panel things and made art on them. i have scoured thrift stores for old canvas material and friends who know me have given my canvas in frames with old art in them. i have thought a lot about the preservation of my work on and with this reused, recycled material and it remains, a balance i must strike. that my work must last by using materials that are also conserving in other areas. i must say, there is a lifetime warranty on all of my art. it goes without saying that my work is highly constructed, i take the technical crafting of art making very seriously. in this digital age, art can last forever, in a way that the many of the masterworks will not.
it is increasingly clear that we ought to take care and as karen writes, "...the decision to "go green" in art making will mean different things to different people...no change is too small or insignificant, even the little changes we make very day add up."

"it is about a life of making art that is examined and knowledgeable!"

i am excited about my profile feature and am thankful to karen and kristin for this outstanding collection of words, ideas and works.  

have a great sunday you all!


jen said...

so cool to see your accomplishments and view of the world in print! way to go, chica!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you. You have worked hard. I am proud to be your mom.