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i happened to go the pet store with a friend, last weekend.  i cannot remember the last time i went to a pet store.  i don't even know if there is a "last time."  i mean, i saw this little baby fish at the walmart once and it was like, all funny, cute and nemo-style-wimpy-fin and i loved it. there seemed to be a connect between myself and this little thumb-like fish.  we made eye contact. for real.  so anyway. i went to the pet store and saw some fish that were not so impressive, no connection.  i saw some puppies, no connection.  and i saw some cats, definitely no connection and then i saw some birds.  several years ago i bought a small blue parakeet and fell in love. his/her name was moon and she was eaten by a cat. hence no connect with kitties at pet store.  well, i am now so completely tempted to purchase two of these beautiful birds.  and well wanted to see if, well if, i don't know.  i don't want to pay a two fifty pet deposit for one and the birds would cost about one hundred for two, because they ought not be alone and they are so incredibly sweet and passive.  my friend kindly did some research for me and found these pictures for me.  oh.  to pine.  too tempting.  apparently there are three different varieties, the top image of birds, are like the ones i saw at said, pet store.  i think i like them mostly.  subtle coloring and they were sitting in the back of the cage like aviary at the store, quietly dozing off.  i like that.  a lot.     
the other thing is that i still have not gotten a bicycle or a stackable washer/dryer, so i'm going to have to spread these tempting things out and sell a little bit more artwork before.  you know?  to say the least i thought i'd share a bit of my interests, thoughts, aside from the art stuff. seems all i've got on the brain is making.  but it's getting late and i've got to glue some stuff down.  and get my next piece ready to paint.  i cannot wait to be able to share some of the newest things i am working on for the summer.  really exciting stuff happening.  what did you all think of the book?  isn't it great!  i love it.

if you've got bird thoughts, suggestions or would just like to leave a comment of any sort i'd be happy.  i know that many of you support via facebook and such and all of your comments are much appreciated.  i really don't feel all that deserving.  i love making art and sharing.  it's simpler that way.  i mostly like working and making art all of the time.  

looking forward to long weekend, what are your plans?

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The Paris Salon said...

Hi Cat, I am a 'quiet' visitor here but a huge fan of your work!! I love the birds too and we have a regular 'bird party' daily in my backyard ~ sparrows (of course), goldfinches, mourning doves, CA quails (my faves :), some other visitors I don't know the names of, and a roadrunner or two. I recently got a digi SLR and am currently awaiting the arrival of my longer lens; when I have some good shots I'll be sure to send them along.
I love the quilts and your WIP, eye foreign eye!