kingpawn::empireguilt {revised}

i just couldn't let this one rest.  after looking at it for a while, colors and lines and things begin to nag at me. so i have done some revising and am finished.  this is not a true spot on image of the final, but it's close enough.  the layer beneath is composed of chess pieces that i cut out of vintage wallpaper.  it is difficult to tell, because of the way the image takes; in the bottom right hand area i placed the square, the piece i cut all of the chess pieces out of.  in the top left hand is a circle composed of all the pieces, in a target like fashion.  if you look closely, and imagine two armies of chess pieces squaring off underneath a bright and geometric landscape.  conceptually it's a bit weak but for the most part, i am satisfied now with how this piece worked out.  the addition of the horizon line really helped, i think.  in addition to the lighter circles and paint/line touch ups.  so next up.  i begin my next piece (24"x48") for the aec benefit.  i've got a plan and drawings and will begin tonight.  

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