::madly week::

my entire week was full and mostly filled with the new.  the thrill of having a couple of new boxes of moo minis arrive, rounded out my week. no matter how many times i have made an order, i always find myself a little nervous. moo has never failed me yet.  though i rushed through the process this time and neglected to lighten many of the images in picnic, before filling.  it's fine though, no matter.  the moo will be gone in a blink of an eye.  

toward the middle of the week, i bought a few new pieces of furniture from my mom.  these took the place of the raton, which is now in my bedroom, crowding.  everything about this plastic wicker furniture says hang art on the wall above me, put flowers on me, change everything, rearrange, sell the raton.  on and on.  new means, getting rid of the old or repurposing it in some form or fashion.  i'm not feeling the repurposing and hope that someday soon, someone comes along who needs these perfect pieces of vintage retro raton.  

also this week i attempted and succeeded at baking my first yeast rising cinnamon sticky buns. i prepped the dough and turned off the hvac and sat the dough directly in the sun.  i left for a few hours and came back to a mass.  so beautiful and surprising.
i could not believe my eyes.  it actually has given me confidence to try some more, bread, rolls, you name it.  yeast is my friend.  i got 15 pieces to framewrights this week for the upcoming chattanooga artists reserve. i'm also working on a large postcard order.  we'll see how that turns out.  
the week just turned out to be madly great.  a rush in every way.  great times with family and friends.  art making and a whole bunch of balcony sitting.  it makes my heart feel good enough.  i can go back to work tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Oooo...I love the photo of the chair and table. A very nice "still-life".