green guide giveaway::karen michel

the talented artist and author karen michel is hosting a book giveaway on her blog.  the book, green guide for artists, was recently published and can be found on bookshelves and online.  but being one of several artists who were asked to participate in this fantastic book, i thought you'd probably want to try your hand at winning a copy.  i have read the book from cover to cover and it is a beautiful compilation of information and do-it-yourself projects.  i was so inspired to read about how to make one's own paint and create art in away that conserves our earth's bounty.  especially if you're first starting out, the task of gathering and collecting art materials can be overwhelming.  karen's perspective of how to recycle and reuse is something we're all too familiar with but maybe not in the context of making. just as you are hopefully teaching your children that the french fries you get from fast food are actually made by planting a seed/spud, so are some pigments in paint made from natural dyes you've got in your fridge or from rocks deep beneath the earths surface.  it's about applying our awareness in little ways that will renew the earth's promises.

hope you all have a restful one, and be sure to check out the book!

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