::taking to keep you::

i find that i am not so interested. or rather interesting until the light is either rather bright or barely there. the making is rather slow these days. there is one new painting in the works but i am not in any rush whatsoever. no one reads. flickr is the better friend. i purchased a brand new bicycle, a bike, a.k.a. the purple fizz and though i have never been a purple girl, except for the time my bedroom, as a child was purple, i was drawn toward this one bike. there is this temptation to paint a large giant yellow stripe down the middle of the bike, horizontally speaking, right across the tires and all. then i would change the name of my bike to the purple pounder. i am leaving practicality in reality and my devotion to blogging is bombing. i used to be. until i have a new piece of art, there's no point. i am no longer open, except. and it's not that bad. recently the work on carl cadwell's summer dregs from gold to green hit the myspace waves. i have lost my account but i was very very very pleased to be asked to contribute my art work to complete the look and feel of this album debut. in my humble opinion the music is sick and my art works, five chosen are just like the tip of the iceberg. i really cannot wait to have this in hand.
in the meantime, i've got clothesline on september 11&12 and then then then, a commission. i meet with h.p. tomorrow to go over the ins&outs of the commission piece(s) and am really looking forward to the process//challenge. i'm up for it. it's time to put away the laundry and drink the last of the coffee before bed. work week begins in eight or less hours.

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