wip::cool like fire::&::apartment living::supply storage

so i started ::cool like fire:: before clothesline and am now wrapping it up, putting the last few touches on it before it goes into my etsy shop. i feel consistently inspired to create and paint trees. this time i shot a series of polaroids around and about the city and used them as the base for the "underpainting". from a technical perspective it worked out really well. there are visible seams but not enough to compromise the piece itself. instead the lines enhance and give a layer of texture. the triangle pattern is something i have been wanting to incorporate for a really long time. it only seemed fitting in a wintery snow scape, in which trees are bare and starkly mimic the triangle shape. i see how it could be perceived as being over simplified here, it's flat, i get that, but like i said i am still giving it a little more time, before the final sealant coating. i am excited to hear what people have to say about this piece. i know it's hard to say, without seeing it in person.
in the mean time. part of my apartment living also becomes my studio space, my supply storage. i intentionally moved into a larger apartment so that i could continue making art in my place without it barging in. part of what has made creating in the same space that i live in, which in itself is not all that uncommon, has been keeping things simple. less is more. over the years i have bought less and recycled more. the other key aspect of living and working in the same space is having storage that is accessible and workable. this family hand me down, wardrobe piece has made organization a breeze. i have got a few drawers for the smaller items, like ink pads, ribbon, stickers, envelopes and cards. i've used milk crates for my magazines and have kept my paper collection spruced down to two bins. there are cigar boxes for thread and needle, tins for buttons, smaller boxes//bins for vintage photos and vintage christmas tags, and small holiday decorations, like my halloween mailorder banner. one day i'll incorporate some cork on the doors as a means to display my inspiration(s). for now i'm all about some thumbtacks. i hope this is all i will ever need. recently i accepted an invitation from a friend to hit up a craft supply swap at our local leo handmade gallery. i dropped off a bag full of unused scrapbook paper, pipe cleaner, stamps, and paintbrushes. ah! it felt good to leave it behind. really good!

i'd love to see your supply storage ideas, it's my sneaky way of getting more ideas, as if there aren't a million and one ways to organize in the first place. and if you need a supply storage fix, check out more of my treehouse::apartment living:: photos!

until next time.


Etsy Shop Update::Phantomcrimes Is Back

finally. finally. finally. i have updated my etsy shop. i can check it off my list! there are several new pieces along with several older works that have all been custom framed. they look beautiful, if i do say so myself. i am really excited because for much of the year i had just been creating a lot of work for various shows, exhibits and events. i have got two more pieces to add, along with a piece i am currently working to finish.

next on my list; order cards, make card packs, start the phillips family tree commission, meet with the next commission client, swap work at gannon art center, hang work at blacksmith's, and begin self portrait for atlanta show:not you @ the mint gallery. in between i'm sending off images to my kind friend, who is going to be creating a website for me, which i'm incredibly thrilled about. i just cannot wait.

i don't think i've left anything off the list, at least i hope not. happy day!


::san destination::

it honestly feels like a thousand years have passed without, until this last week i gave in and gave myself a much needed, much desired vacation. thanks be to a couple of my good friends, my sister in laws, for a nice little break from the whirlwind life of construction, clothesline, and art making. words upon words have described the sensations of dragging yourself out of the norm to the side of the ocean. it's nothing new but it is everything and i needed the salt and sunshine, the sand and the pool.

i needed nothing but to see the great expanse, water upon rolling water. and nothing but a little bit of golf course action to get my adrenaline pumping. there were large turtles to feed and nieces too play and laugh with. there were crosswords puzzles to be played and shopping to be had. take out dinner and long dock strolls. i barely thought about anything the whole entire time, which for me is a dream and not a scary one but the kind that repeats itself from one deep sleep to the next.

i feel full and ready to reenter the race; full steam ahead. no amount of sunburn to blame, no amount of cloudy grey rain here to take away from this; the place and plan that is waiting for me off of main; on the southside of city in the middle of the mountains.


Our Clothesline Art Show::Wrap Up

i have found myself stretching and wishing for a massage all morning. after an overwhelmingly successful clothesline art show i am finding myself ready with a massive list of things i must do. after the dirt settles and i get back from the ocean i promise (promise!) that i'll update my etsy shop, i'll post all works for sale on my blog here, i'll make new cards of as much of my new work as possible and i'll give all of the rest of my attention to the two commissions i've been asked to complete.

i find that after an event like clothesline that many of you have so much interest; questions and discussions, thoughts and ideas swarm and then, then there's this sleepy lull. i've never asked the hard questions, i've never asked before, what you wanted to see more of. this go around i feel i got the opportunity to talk with many of you and i got a feel for what people are looking for.

thank you. and in the meantime keep coming by, please let me know what you think about what i'm doing, your support is really encouraging and important to me. thank you and happy sunday.


::again there is plenty - two::

whirring motion, sound and rumble
air that moves, pushes and tumbles
quietly beyond and past
a silence that now spreads out
softening sleep. awakening the rest
the deepest, close to death
where is it now,
where will it come from
first again there is the high pitch
city whistle, the machine cycle switch
on then off then on then off
it is close and can be heard
it will be here and plenty.

spending this day;
hanging art
hanging with special nephew CBC
making art
sinking into the long weekend
list making

hope yours is great.