Our Clothesline Art Show::Wrap Up

i have found myself stretching and wishing for a massage all morning. after an overwhelmingly successful clothesline art show i am finding myself ready with a massive list of things i must do. after the dirt settles and i get back from the ocean i promise (promise!) that i'll update my etsy shop, i'll post all works for sale on my blog here, i'll make new cards of as much of my new work as possible and i'll give all of the rest of my attention to the two commissions i've been asked to complete.

i find that after an event like clothesline that many of you have so much interest; questions and discussions, thoughts and ideas swarm and then, then there's this sleepy lull. i've never asked the hard questions, i've never asked before, what you wanted to see more of. this go around i feel i got the opportunity to talk with many of you and i got a feel for what people are looking for.

thank you. and in the meantime keep coming by, please let me know what you think about what i'm doing, your support is really encouraging and important to me. thank you and happy sunday.

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