::san destination::

it honestly feels like a thousand years have passed without, until this last week i gave in and gave myself a much needed, much desired vacation. thanks be to a couple of my good friends, my sister in laws, for a nice little break from the whirlwind life of construction, clothesline, and art making. words upon words have described the sensations of dragging yourself out of the norm to the side of the ocean. it's nothing new but it is everything and i needed the salt and sunshine, the sand and the pool.

i needed nothing but to see the great expanse, water upon rolling water. and nothing but a little bit of golf course action to get my adrenaline pumping. there were large turtles to feed and nieces too play and laugh with. there were crosswords puzzles to be played and shopping to be had. take out dinner and long dock strolls. i barely thought about anything the whole entire time, which for me is a dream and not a scary one but the kind that repeats itself from one deep sleep to the next.

i feel full and ready to reenter the race; full steam ahead. no amount of sunburn to blame, no amount of cloudy grey rain here to take away from this; the place and plan that is waiting for me off of main; on the southside of city in the middle of the mountains.

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