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even though this week has just begun, i am looking at a booked calendar of a few meetings, a luncheon, and a few more meetings. two meetings to prepare for an open house//art exhibit event in my apartment building during mainx24. a meeting with the ever talented sarah n. and fellow jessica from createhere to go over installation plans for the summer dregs release party on november 7. there's luncheon my mom is speaking at on thursday afternoon and another evening meeting. i think this maybe exactly what i need. to be more active and productive in a variety of ways. it just doesn't feel all that bad. i like the hustle and bustle. putting the puzzle pieces together in a way that make sense and correspond. it leaves me feeling even more motivated.

i came up with a few more halloween decorations and have transformed my apartment for the autumn season.
and a couple weeks ago, i sifted through my closet and found a few things to give up at a friends clothing swap. i have a pair of brand new brown converse, that i've worn like one time that i need to either sell or give away. i think they are size 3??? i have some baking to do and of course i will be getting down to business, creating the phillips family tree.

i had the photo images resized to fit perfectly into the martha stewart labels i am going to use as frames, to hang in the family tree. excited about the idea
and am now pretty confident of the next steps, to completion.

i was gently attacked by a dog in my apartment building, which was surprising to me. the owner of the dog, let it off it's leash and it came bounding toward me in a big happy puppy sort of way but still, i felt a little unsure. the owner lady was pretty apologetic and all, no worries. i've just mentioned many a time to myself, how odd it is to me that so many of my neighbors have dogs, living in the tiny little apartments. they have no yard, no place to run and jump and play around in. what craziness. so. that is apartment living, for now. any thoughts on dogs in apartments would be much appreciated. should i carry around a bag of bacon strip treats, or what?

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