::goodbye until we meet again::

last weekend i decided to pack away my summer sunshine yellow eggcup collection to make room for autumn, i've never done this before. i am learning to pace myself and the seasons within my ::apartment living:: decor . i found my 'happy halloween' banner and hung it up and am using a ledge between my kitchen and dining//living room space as the focal point for the season. it'll be fun to bring out the yellow again next year and absorb the freshness in color again. for now i'm embracing the warm cozy feelings of fall. with the ever beautiful hues and tones of this time of the year.
i gathered a couple of pumpkins and a handful of tiny warted gourds today, along with an assortment of baking ingredients. i'm thinking another round of sticky buns might be nice.

this evening the sliding glass door to the balcony is open, the a/c is off. i'm imagining the there are autumnal city sounds, just as there are autumnal country sounds.

there's plenty of things that are keeping me busy. i feel like i've barely crossed a thing off my list of things to do. it's just all so preliminary. at least my shop is full, just in case, wink*wink*. and i've started the next commission piece; the 'philips family tree'. i met with v.d. this afternoon to talk about her commission piece. the color of her kitchen walls are to die for. i'm excited about starting the project. and will make sure to include w.i.p of both projects.

the website is coming along fine and dandy, summer dregs release party date + venue has now been nailed down, november 7. i've still not been to blacksmith's - to meet/hang my work. i am planning and open house/art show during mainx24 and am asking the clothesline ladies to participate. and then then then, i'll see what's next. possibly traveling over thanksgiving. am working out those details.

i am not as overwhelmed today, i spent the morning replying to stack of emails that had piled up. forgive me if you've emailed me and i've not yet responded. i promise i'll get back to you asap.

have a lovely evening, the beer in my fridge is calling my name.

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