::on the wall::

i promise if i had the time, the skillz, the wall, legal or not, i would be a graffiti artist. it must sound stupid right, i mean, who gives a flip? i want to hide in the dark corners, wait until the coast is clear and throw up all over a great big city wall. if only. i'm just a little white girl who dreams just a little bit, that she'd grown up understanding, developing and producing graffiti on the streets. my ideas in this context are completely romanticized and utterly embarrassing, because, really what do i know about being a graffiti artist. all i want to do is change the perspective and learn the ropes. all i want to do is bridge the gap between what is seen and what people hear about the "graffiti" genre of art. yeah, i know, it's been done, it's happening all over the world. just not on my street corners, not on the decaying dilapidated buildings in my city.

so much of my personal development as an artist came from drawing. i think that's true for most artists, though. my drawings directly correlate with my larger complete works. i would not say i am exactly limited by paper or canvas or by size or shape. it's more than that, the limitations are primarily, only in my head. even though my series of trees have taken me almost as far as i could have originally imagined i am still thinking about ways of incorporating new layers, new concepts, fresh perspectives. even if i only create trees for the rest of my life i will figure out a way, no matter what. i suppose as long as i'm drawing, my work will change and become what i see in my head. eventually. and if the opportunity strikes and i do find myself with a spray paint can in hand, i will feel really darn good about it.

this week's list consists of:
secretly making a birthday present for my bff.
cleaning house for autumn-ish g.n.o.
organization of all the little details of...stuff.
check it out the CD is here and it has my artwork in it!

and i'm working on posting more, can you tell?


Anonymous said...

I love that you still dream.
I love you ~ Mom

Anonymous said...

An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

Karim - Positive thinking