::wip.phillips family tree & halloween::

so i decidedly passed on posting saturday and am getting back this evening to catch up. i got the ::phillips family tree:: tree completely cut out, the canvas covered in a tissue paper "under painting" and the tree and photos attached. i decided to soften the piece by adding a layer of gold acrylic, so that the plaid like lines beneath aren't as obvious. this morning i began the process of filling it all in with a parchment white acrylic. i also finally decided to go ahead and title the piece at the bottom; the phillips family tree, and dated 2009. i have never ever free handed or painting a cursive font before so i am pleasantly surprised with how well it is works and plan on using font or "script" in upcoming works.

i ended up hanging the cut paper tree all over my apartment and found i really loved it hanging on my lamps. i am thinking, at least, the cut paper could help me in future redecoration projects. i suppose i'll try my hand at it the next time there's a lull in the to make//to do list.

for our annual family fall party at my aunt's i decided to make and take popcorn cake. i hesitate to preface recipe by saying it's easy. four ingredients is easy, yes. but imagine fluffy popcorn and sticky marshmallow, it's difficult mixing but probably fairly kid friendly, i've never tried making it with little ones around and about, and super delicious. and without a doubt you could substitute the not so healthy with raisins, craisins, cheerios, sunflower seeds, or carob chips. i forwent the halloween costuming and partying and drinking and hangovering and went for my new book; 'mornings on horseback' by david mccullough.

i didn't even feel like changing my clocks until this afternoon; i've heard about people doing this while on vacation. i woke up at my normal time and got straight to painting. it's been a great first day of november. wouldn't you say?

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Anonymous said...

I love the trees and I love the picture of Julia. It is now my desktop picture. She looks like a fairy child.