::holiday handmade::

hi guys! long time, uh? well, i should have known i'd be too busy and less interested in blogging than making more art. it's been non stop around these parts lately. lots of fun! lots of late nights, lots of great conversations, acquainting and reacquainting. so next stop; holiday handmade this coming saturday 121109 from 10 until 8; at gannon art center; we're bringing the arts and crafts back to you, just in the nick of time. so come on, you know you want to, bring yourself and a pal and come see what we've got in store. i'll have 12 total-completed works of art for sale, plus paper quilt gift cards in packets of 8 for only $20. in every spare moment of my time i've been working on a new piece but just can't seem to wrap it up quickly enough. it has involved an incredible amount of paper cutting, that's about my only excuse. i've got some wip images, i'll attempt to post up after the busy weekend. also keep a close eye out for upcoming last minute phantomcrimes art sale. many of you have mentioned wanting to make a purchase this year, send me your email address and i'll let you know when and how to go about purchasing during sale before christmas! thanks, all. and good night.

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