::aimless walk 010110::

on new years day, katie and i took one of those aimless photo walks around our neighborhood. it was in one of those rare spontaneous moments that we found ourselves outside on a frigid but bright day, the first day of the year. a day that seems so long ago, already. i can barely remember what we talked about and if it weren't for the photos, i would have already forgotten about the time itself. i remember now, thinking then that we better take pictures of things we liked a whole lot, because it wouldn't be long before the new would be replacing the old. so much in our city has changed since we were teenagers, it's often difficult to imagine our city without the nice new things it has now.

behind my apartment building is a european volvo mechanic shop. it's the kind of place that looks dirty, rusty, overgrown and slightly out of place. except for the front door, the bottlecap awning over the entry off the sidewalk, i don't think i would have paid it any closer attention. it is this very shape that i love, that i wish i could add to my own dream home (one day), that i wanted to make sure and capture, in just the right way. it just feels so perfect, along with the stucco textured building surface, it makes the corner for me.

aimless walks isn't a new idea, hulaseventy may have the practice down like a real master. i had to add it to my list of many things to do. more specifically, and yet to be revealed, i added aimless walks to my ::34 things i do before i turn 35:: list.

today just seemed to be the day to share a little bit of my first day of the year. i took many more photos on 010110, and hope to share them sooner, than later. i took a walk today, between my place and the convention center. the weather has yet to warm, but the sun was shining and it felt like maybe more aimless walks were actually going to be possible, its just been a terribly surprisingly cold winter. even though i've enjoyed aspects of it being so cold, i'm eagerly anticipating the warmer months. i admit it!

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